Reiki Treatments

What is a Reiki treatment? (pronounced Ray – Key)   kanjileft

Reiki is a truly gentle and beneficial healing art now practiced worldwide by health professionals and by lay people. Reiki is offered in hospitals, hospices, health clinics, in people’s homes, and in other settings, as a highly valued and effective complementary health care modality. Reiki benefits a wide variety of conditions, ranging from stress relief to other applications of use, depending on the circumstances and needs of each individual.

Reiki is applied via the hands. The practitioner simply places their hands on the corresponding chakras, meridians and organs, transferring healing to the recipient. The result is a deeply relaxing experience for both the healer and the person receiving. No movement is required when giving a treatment as it is a passive form of energy work. It is also not necessary to remove clothing or to fix the mind in deep focus to achieve its healing effects. Some of the immediate benefits from a session are reduced stress levels, inner peace and deep rest.

Reiki is an excellent technique for stress management, as well as being a complementary treatment to western medicine. The transference of Reiki healing actually increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Energy is the foundation of all life, so it makes sense that if we have more energy constantly available to us, we gradually enhance our health and personal well being.

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