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The  Synchrotize System ™ is a simple and effective tool for creating your reality landscape. It assists with making life choices and creating a new reality through the utilization of breath and conscious choice.

Belief Systems are recurring choices based on a set of perceptions. Every belief system on the surface will, in duality, set up an equal and opposite energy, usually under the surface of our perception, to grant us a full experience, as well as ample room for conflict and self-sabotage.

Reality is a playground to create anything you want, based on your belief systems.

Synchrotize™ is the spiritual physics of creating realities through belief systems by expanding a conscious choice with the use of sacred geometry out beyond the earthbound and into the crystalline realms. Here, these realities are given the total freedom to evolve and to return into manifestation at the perfect time.

So why Synchrotize™?

All of us exploring the human experience create realities for ourselves which in many instances provide the roller coaster ride of ill health; victim-hood; and lack in our every day existence. We so often ask the question of ourselves and others “What have I done to deserve this? I am a good person, why is this happening to me?”

The Eleuthera Synchrotize System™ allows you the freedom to observe the choices you are currently making within your existence, often without conscious knowledge. As your awareness of these choices takes place with the assistance of an accredited facilitator, it is then possible to effect a change in your reality through conscious choice!

Synchrotize™ allows you to create a clear conscious foundation for clear conscious choices to thrive into manifestation in their own perfect time.

It is the Facilitator’s role to assist you in choosing the choice of what to implement in your life, and provide an extensive initial assessment of your existing reality landscape. The next step is to assist you in creating what it is you have chosen. This process is conducted in a safe and sacred environment and sometimes there is the need for more than one session, particularly where major issues or circumstances are presenting.

‘How do I know when I am ready?

You are ready when you are willing to have the pure and luxurious awareness of your choices and their implications, without comment, judgement or fear. You are ready when you are sufficiently open to make choices about what to keep and what to part with in your reality to effect the changes you desire in your current existence.

You are ready when you allow yourself to feel what you truly choose in your life, not what you “want to”, “should have”, “really need”, or “better get”, but from the core of your being CHOOSE for yourself!’ 

Accepting the responsibility as well as the freedom to choose allows you to act on it during the session, activating those choices in a powerful and uniquely experiential way.

Having actually experienced the reality of your new choice right there and then empowers you to grant the process the freedom it needs to unfold its own intelligence.

You can choose to continue on your own or continue to join energies with a facilitator for a series of sessions.
We strongly recommend that you refrain from hard drugs, hard alcohol, sex, or any intense outside influence, like stressful work and nightclubbing, for the time this process takes.

All of these alter and mix your perception of yourself and may compromise the effectiveness of your choices.

How do we get out of this mess?

It is quite simple: stop trying to fool yourself into confusion and helplessness!

Take a deep breath and say “I choose”, whatever it is. You created the mess; you can get out of the mess! You just have to recognize it is a mess. The neat thing is that when you do choose to be the creator again, a wave goes out from you, sending messages to everything in your reality landscape that you have reclaimed the throne of choice, your natural sovereign state.

This energy also builds on itself, just like the lies did, but now it is working for your true self, not against it. Anything that is not in line with your choice now needs to leave. Or convert its energy back to support your truth (so even your creations have a choice how they want to dissolve.) (Adamus Saint Germain)

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