Psychic Development

Have you ever wondered about your ability to “know” about things before they occur?

Are you experiencing déjà vu with greater momentum?

Do you seek guidance or assistance from others with gifts in the area of clairvoyance and the unseen realms?

Is your inner guidance encouraging you to expand in understanding consciousness?

**Then this experiential workshop is for YOU! **

We will be exploring the key tools to develop and enhance extra sensory abilities with particular emphasis placed on practical application to utilize in your everyday existence.

We will address such matters as:

  • Expansion of the energetic field
  • Self empowerment
  • Belief systems and their affect on our reality
  • Development of the intuition
  • The myths surrounding your ability to use your latent gifts.

The workshop exercises include:

  • Learning to breathe expansively
  • Connecting with energy of objects, self and others
  • Removing the mind from the process
  • A brief introduction to channeling
  • Automatic writing and so much more

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