About Marlene


As a child, I always felt different as if I didn’t really belong here. I had a strong sense that I was here to do something “special” but had no real way of knowing what that was. I was certainly aware that I could “talk” to and feel beings that other people could not see.

My childhood was basically an emotional rollercoaster ride including abandonment, a foster home, adoption into an abusive and dysfunctional family and boarding school, none of which nurtured or supported my dormant “Christ-seed” within.

I managed to survive my twenties by travelling and working in the Hospitality industry which supported my sensual and escapist tendencies, procreated at thirty and raised my Son alone providing for us by tapping into my potential as both a Lecturer and a Visionary.

Throughout the nineties I felt drawn to matters of a “spiritual” nature including experiencing rising emotions in Christian churches; a fascination with Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and began a “search” through New Age teachings, Occultism, Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities existence and so much more. If there is a Sci-Fi movie or TV series created that I haven’t seen or heard about, I would be very surprised.

The first decade of this century saw me through emotional crises, loss of passion, opportunities to leave the planet, Reiki Mastery and my saving grace in the discovery of the Crimson Circle. My Teachers Tobias, Kuthumi and my very special mentor, Professor Adamus Saint Germain continue to assist me now in teaching others and showing those who come to me an easier path to enlightenment.

My formal teaching qualifications and many years of lecturing at both University and Adult Learning levels have enhanced my ability to conduct experiential workshops in a fun and informative manner.

I Exist

In Grace