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Andre Rieu and a brand new Strauss-like Waltz.. How very rare for those of us with such a passion.. And the Waltz Goes On”

And now my lovelies, here is an excellent reason to not only tie up loose ends, but to live your dreams by surmounting your fears..

My sincere thanks to Paul Reinig for sharing this beautifully inspiring footage.


I wondered for the longest time, what was meant by “take the time to smell the roses”..

This Munchkin and Doglet have nailed it..

Thank you Sun Gazing..


Recently, while driving I felt quite odd/off world and pulled over into a Disabled Bay. I left the vehicle for about 7-8 minutes and upon my return discovered a fine for $300.00. I managed to make it home and called the Department responsible. I explained what had happened, followed their instructions exactly and received a letter two weeks later telling me that the parking ticket had been voided.

(This is not me)


I liked this interview because this BRAVE spoke his truth..

I admire him both as an actor and for expressing his truth.

I like to dance at airports.. mostly in my mind..


 And Carmen’s as well..

Thank you darling Daniela Voica …

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